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February 2016
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It's time for more Writing In Suburbia!

In this episode I talk about when it's time to walk away from a project that just isn't going to work. I also chat a little about what I'm reading/watching these days.


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What? Another episode of Writing In Suburbia? Yep. I gotta get them in when I have the time, man. That's how this pro writing thing works!

In this episode I talk about The Long Tail. Or is it Long Tale? I honestly don't know and Google was no freaking help at all. But, regardless of what it is called, I chat about planning your career as a pro writer and realizing there is a lot of hurry up and wait plus a good dose of fortune telling.


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Welcome back, folks!

This week's episode is on the subject of writing for the market. Whatever the market wants, the market gets, but are you the writer to feed it? I talk a little about my thought processes on why I choose what I choose to write. I also talk about why it is perfectly okay to write for the market or to ignore the market completely.

It's your career, folks. Do with it what you want.

I am also recording in a new office setup, so gonna be good to hear what it sounds like.


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That's right, folks, a second episode of Writing In Suburbia for the new year has happened!

In this episode I break down how I go from note taking to novel writing. And from novel writing to novel finishing. It's a process and a half, and may not be for everyone, but I think y'all will get some good advice out of this episode.


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It's a new year! Huzzah!

This week's episode is the first of 2016 and I take a look back at some of the movies, TV shows, and books I watched/read in 2015. I also talk a little about the echo chamber of social media because it's not WIS without a social media rant. Am I right? (Yes, I am.)


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In this week's episode I chat a bit about branding. I go into the whys and whynots. I talk about the BS that is spewed, and it being me, I spew some of my own BS. It's more informative than it sounds. Trust me.

Also, Christmas music!


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Thanksgiving is over, but that doesn't mean I can't still be thankful! In this week's episode I talk about the things I am thankful for and also about other stuffs. Lots of other stuffs. I get rambly because that's how I roll!


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Welcome back!

In this episode I talk about how there is no one way to be a writer. How we all have our own process. I also talk about pot pie because pot pie is yum.



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That's right, folks, in this week's episode I talk about the need for influences. I chat a little about the works (good and bad) that have influenced my writing and my career. We all have influences, it's time to embrace them!

And my barking dog does some barking because he barks.


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On the latest episode of Writing In Suburbia I talk a little about why perfect continuity may not be the best thing when dealing with a long timeline. I also rage against humanity, as I am known to do.

Bonus: cold coffee!


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