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An unedited, unscripted, uncensored pro writing podcast for pro writers or those that want to make a living with their writing. The daily grind of writing while dealing with everyday life. Caution: mad rambling ahead!






April 2016
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This week I talk about how it is perfectly normal to feel raw and exposed and emotionally vulnerable when you share your writing with others. It gets easier, but it takes time. I also clarify my opinion on HB2 and where I'm coming from with that subject.


Oh, and if you have a second or two, post a review or comment on iTunes! It helps!


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Howdy, y'all! This week I talk in depth about NC House Bill 2, called the "Bathroom Bill", and how it is effecting local businesses and why a blanket boycott is a useless exercise and does WAY more harm than good. You'll want to listen if you have been paying attention to this issue at all. I set a few things straight.

I also talk about other things, including the latest HWA kerfuffle.


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Welcome back to more of my ramblings on being a pro writer! In this week's episode my sleep-addled brain tries to explain how there are no shortcuts to success in the publishing biz. There just aren't.

I also go off about something, but I'm too tired to remember what that something is. You tell me.


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After a brief hiatus, the podcast you love and adore is back! (You love and adore it. Don't argue with me.)

This week I talk about the impostor syndrome. Not the one where folks think they aren't worthy of being a writer or artist, but the one where they FAKE thinking they aren't worthy. It's impostor impostor syndrome, if you will. And it's crap! Knock it off!

I also talk a little other things because it's me and I ramble. I'm the rambling best!


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Yep, it's another episode of Writing In Suburbia, the podcast where I talk about being a pro writer and try to give some writerly advice from my office in the middle of a subdivision.

This week I talk about how I have been helped throughout my career, which is why I try to help others out as much as possible. Whether through this podcast, or with the Writers Coffeehouse, or by giving advice, or even a reference, I try to pay it forward and give it back where I can.

I also go off on a tangent about pens and how I hate pen thieves!


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Welcome to another episode of Writing In Suburbia!

This week I don't rant (much) or bitch (much), but instead, I chat about the fun there is in being a pro writer. At least, what I consider fun. I'm sure you'll dig my BS.


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Welcome back to more Writing In Suburbia!

This week I talk about the difference between self-doubt/self-loathing and fear. For those of you that worry about being "worthy" as a writer, this episode is for you. And for those that live in a constant state of fear when it comes to your writing career, this episode is for you as well.


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Welcome back to more Writing In Suburbia!

In this week's episode I chat about the negative in-fighting within the writing community. Genre versus genre, author versus author, literary versus the world, traditionally published versus self-published!

It's a good episode, yo!


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This week I answer a whole bunch of questions from a listener which ultimately leads to my thoughts on failure as a writer. I also rant about public education and how teachers get the shaft because I can't help myself. Oh, and this week the coffee is warm! WARM!


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In this week's episode I talk about how a lot of indie booksellers boycott CreateSpace because it's an Amazon company. I voice my opinion on this subject and also rant a little about all the angry moms at Trader Joe's today. Trust me, folks, they were angry. But mostly I talk about the boycott against CreateSpace.


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