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Phew! What a weekend!

Yep, I was at ConCarolinas all weekend. Great time. Got to bring the Fam, hang with some friends, meet new authors, make new friends, and make new fans. Want to know what panels I was on? Want to know what we talked about in those panels? Want some great advice on all kinds of subjects? Then have a listen, folks!

And, this will be quite the surprise, I am too tired to rant this week! This is a rant-free episode!


PS- Yes, I know I've used this title before. That's how tired I am. But this time the title has an exclamation point! THAT MAKES IT DIFFERENT!

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And I am back!

Yeah, I know, it's been a couple of weeks. Want to know why? Well, I guess you'll have to listen to the podcast, won't ya? This week I talk about how life and writing are not separate (which is kind of the point of this podcast) and how writing sometimes has to take a backseat because, well, life.


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This week I talk about all the promises you will hear from other writers, from editors, from publishers, from anyone and everyone in the industry, and why those promises mean nothing. Not until the signature is on the contract!

I also talk about the Authors For Action: Kill The Bill event! Go get tix now!


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This week I talk about how it is perfectly normal to feel raw and exposed and emotionally vulnerable when you share your writing with others. It gets easier, but it takes time. I also clarify my opinion on HB2 and where I'm coming from with that subject.


Oh, and if you have a second or two, post a review or comment on iTunes! It helps!


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Howdy, y'all! This week I talk in depth about NC House Bill 2, called the "Bathroom Bill", and how it is effecting local businesses and why a blanket boycott is a useless exercise and does WAY more harm than good. You'll want to listen if you have been paying attention to this issue at all. I set a few things straight.

I also talk about other things, including the latest HWA kerfuffle.


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Welcome back to more of my ramblings on being a pro writer! In this week's episode my sleep-addled brain tries to explain how there are no shortcuts to success in the publishing biz. There just aren't.

I also go off about something, but I'm too tired to remember what that something is. You tell me.


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After a brief hiatus, the podcast you love and adore is back! (You love and adore it. Don't argue with me.)

This week I talk about the impostor syndrome. Not the one where folks think they aren't worthy of being a writer or artist, but the one where they FAKE thinking they aren't worthy. It's impostor impostor syndrome, if you will. And it's crap! Knock it off!

I also talk a little other things because it's me and I ramble. I'm the rambling best!


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Yep, it's another episode of Writing In Suburbia, the podcast where I talk about being a pro writer and try to give some writerly advice from my office in the middle of a subdivision.

This week I talk about how I have been helped throughout my career, which is why I try to help others out as much as possible. Whether through this podcast, or with the Writers Coffeehouse, or by giving advice, or even a reference, I try to pay it forward and give it back where I can.

I also go off on a tangent about pens and how I hate pen thieves!


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Welcome to another episode of Writing In Suburbia!

This week I don't rant (much) or bitch (much), but instead, I chat about the fun there is in being a pro writer. At least, what I consider fun. I'm sure you'll dig my BS.


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Welcome back to more Writing In Suburbia!

This week I talk about the difference between self-doubt/self-loathing and fear. For those of you that worry about being "worthy" as a writer, this episode is for you. And for those that live in a constant state of fear when it comes to your writing career, this episode is for you as well.


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